Self Assessment

The self assessment is for BCAOMP members’ personal use. It has been designed to help members reflect their current professional proficiency, identify areas for improvement and develop a learning plan that will address those areas that need improvement. Members will be required to complete the self assessment once every two years.

Once members have completed the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and have identified areas that need improvement, members should transfer the information to the Plan of Action Summary Sheet, which then becomes part of the member’s professional portfolio. Members should use the information from the summary sheet to develop a learning plan that will guide their CE and professional development.

Professional Portfolio

The professional portfolio consists of the following components:

  • the Professional Portfolio, where members document their continuing education activities;
  • The Self-Assessment Plan of Action Summary Sheet.

  • Participation is Mandatory

    Every BCAOMP member holding a general certificate of registration is required to maintain a professional portfolio, which will be made available to the QA Committee upon request or to the peer assessor during a peer assessment.

    Osteopathic manual practitioners who become General members mid-cycle (eg., new members, members transferring from the inactive or retired class) will not be required to comply with that current cycle’s requirements. They will be required to participate and report on self assessment and continuing education during the next cycle.

    Members will be required to complete the Continuing Education and Professional Development Log as part of their registration renewal. In this document, members must demonstrate that they have completed their 40 hours of CE over a two-year cycle.